Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Pain Pain Go

Well WillaZz it's time again where you rant about your own life again, the usual crap; complaining.
Even after completing this entry it still bugs you to think that it will all be over soon.
1st of is assignments; you haven't been doing well in your studies and you expect to go training next year huh? Your dad calls u every morning to wake you up to school and you think your independent enough to take care of yourself there?

Keep dreaming as this dream of u moving forward is just a silly idea of yours thinking big for yourself. Go jerk off!
Yesterday while your working, a guy came up to you and talk to you about commercial company is just a coincidence, you wont last long in this business, you don't know what you want. He is just some random chap who wants to watch a repeat football match which he missed when he attends NGO meeting as representatives from KL. He just wants to talk. WillaZz, things happen for a reason is just what someone would say to you but let me advice you that that reason is hopeless, Just forget theres a big prize for you at the top.

Hey fellow readers, stop telling him that he have a future planned for him already and his bullshit about his dream is just rubbish.. and please please break his heart.. he doesn't deserve one


Lasker said...

O_o ... this is confusing.

WillaZz said...

im just talking to myself.. about my training in kl and also what should i do after dip lo

Anonymous said...

Hey, relax man. Like what Michelle said, alarm clock...no wait, alarm clocks. XDDD

Aiya, and what people tell you is only what they know. You want to listen to them or not, is up to you loh.

Relax lah, better do so before the training...and the final exams. :P