Thursday, December 10, 2009

.what happen during December 2009.willazz POV

Dato Sagor Kampung Gajah Ipoh December 06 2009 Track Day

What a lovely month to get all excited for track day ended up being not so hyped about it when you get there, it's freaking hot and I got tanned. Now I look like roast duck (quack quack)
I ate some lime ice-cream, vanilla roti ice cream, lime juice and coconut juice( both juices is yuck! no taste even with syrup)
cars which impresses me during the races is DC2 and the red EF.. woo.. VTEC the best in track man.. even with version 7 impreza on track. haha
anyway a good experince while i was there... learn a lot of things just by looking around... what are the guys worrying about.. tyre pressure, weather, road condition..
neways i just got my HKS Silent Hi-power on my car.. nice wei the sound.. thx Kiong Lee!
yesterday i scratched the bottom after leaving prangin mall basement !)*@#T!@%^#!@^#!@(#@$(!@&%#

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I love this Pic..

the winding road of disaster which never used on that day

Love the blow off

This picture below is not Impreza's engine ya.. haha~

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