Friday, June 11, 2010

Foolish Me

Knew something was going on, as expected, I was right, right from the beginning.. i'm so stupid, why I love to hurt myself by running myself into the scene? its suicidal, perhaps it was just poor me or perhaps it was a hint to let me know to let go of this person because there already is another for her,and me  who never have the initiative to chase or to go after someone I love even the person already been going out with so many other guys and still I couldn't do anything. I guess this is my life, a shadow hoping to be seen by light, you wish, no body would be in the right mind. You need to have a little bit more in your pocket, your poor life just going to be a disappointing one with every date you gone out to.
Maybe I don't know about the signals, as all I know is only left and right.

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