Thursday, August 05, 2010

Night Owl and the Memories of the Unforgettable Chapter Prologue

Defination of Cognition.
  1. The mental process of knowing, including aspects such as awareness, perception, reasoning, and judgment.
  2. That which comes to be known, as through perception, reasoning, or intuition; knowledge.
Night Owl and the Memories of the Unforgettable Chapter

Do you know the feeling of missing someone? That you always remember even while your going to sleep you thought of that someone? when you wake up and the places you go or topic you talked about reminds back of the one person you loved?

This person is very special to me, we spend almost all the time together day and night. I would accompany this person no matter what her problem is. I have fallen for her hard. Hard enough to even not look at other women.

Time has passes so fast that I don't even feel that I'm moving at all. This feeling has grown in me consuming me into a mad man. Why am I in this state of mind you'd ask, I'll tell you that, I don't want this but it is seriously burning me deeply inside that it left a scar in me.

When will I be as strong as this women who have left me and forgotten about the relationship we used to have and now bare the title 'friend' which I decline and couldn't accept even up to this day, those days are gone and left only but memories, memories of the unforgettable chapter.This queen of his heart has hurt this little young boy who is in search of love. He was born in Kingsley, Oxford. ( I've never been to England, so I wouldn't know, it's just made up as I perceive appropriate.)

Stood up with cold feet and hand shut closely to the chest. His right arm lifted up the sky, fist soaring up above the sky he shouted " She is damn! Damn for the misery! Damn for the Queen has laid eyes to another silly o' lad!."

Night where the owl roam broadly above the sky, Goshewper Rickdander, Usually known as Night Owl, is a baby fat looking with seemingly pimples on his face studies in Warhington High in his 1st year of college. Breeze of wind pass him by as he felt a little jolt under his warm blazer. His leg bend in and movement like ninja, he hurried back into his parents small house before somebody else spotted him shouting loudly at an open space in the paddy field outside Paddington Village.

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