Saturday, August 07, 2010

MOIS Masquerade

Yo wassup ppl its 3.28am in morning..ITS SATURDAY YO!!!
I just got back home from MOIS, my good friend Felix fetch me, God he is a good driving please bless him with a good car in the future.. I wanna ride in the Sepang with him alright? in Jesus's name AMEN!!!!

I parteh hard tonight again! i cant walk properly and I ALWAYS SAW STEPHANIE LEONG IN MOIS!!! every week!!! cant miss her.. LOL and i also saw my KDU friend Name SKY.. he's awesome! we cheers together... and there was Kelvin Koo, Ah Siang Lai Tat and one girl he brought name Susan, AWESOME!... i had fun tonight with all of them tonight, hopefully it doesnt end.. but it does!!!!! and u know what.. so many ah kua inside... God bless those hitting them dont get lucky tonight.. hahaha

Oh I saw many pretty and sexy girls on the dance floor too.. will this post drop the rate of me getting a girlfriend.. ah fuck it i dun think it will be that soon also.. summore I'm with my dude friend tonight.. i guess it alright future girlfriend.. whoever u are u probably understanding wan right? hehe

0kay i guess my clothes today dam down la!!! aiyo.. Im not goin to wear Lois Khakis Shirt  ade..

oh yea we had 42 Below Vodka with Orange Juice..WHAT ABTOUT THAT??? GAY?????? BUZZ OFFF
its awesome righT!!!!!!

Summore i met High sch buddy Weng Siang and Jacky!!! Love u guys! Classmates forever!! parteh yo!!!!

Little did u know im actually having TWISTIES HERE as i write this.. yup.. im drunk.. and of cuz hungry la.. lol... got back in just 10 fast wei!~ hahahaha

and u know what..
got stop by police also
the uncle ask me balik mana..
my house of cuz i know la!!! kns! TIU!!! he open my door asking me.. tot I cant answer u isit!!! i not that fuckin drunk alright!! ARIGH!!!

AND OH I SAW one girl from HCC wan i think she graduate ade.. CM? CB lai yo

ok la i wanna sleep ade.. dun disturb me aight??? bye!

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