Friday, August 06, 2010

05 August 2010.

Today I woke up feeling pretty beat up and unsatisfied, I was feeling pretty lazy.

I took my time slowly pampering myself today and before i knew it I was ready to go out feeling comfortable and excited that I am going out hunting for a blazer in Queensbay Mall. Look all over QBM for several times, back and forth in and out of various shops. I have decided that Gap and Esprit has what I was looking for, tho the one in MetroJaya's  East India in Gurney still beats these two and the price in MJ are much lesser because theres discount. Both priced at RM499 is okay, just that its not really nice or suits me, because of the material they uses. I'm looking for indirectly formal blazer. I would think I will hunt again tomorrow in Gurney again, since I got something I like in Gurney already.

 I'll see how...

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