Monday, September 06, 2010

Last Semester

It's finally the last sem,
and I don't seem to have what I needed to have, fuck that kind of life I'm having
which is the warmth of another soul
Is it so hard to come by? Everyone discriminated me and and my language what I really need is the comfort of your ear listening to my happy lines if your listening. Thank you for flying with me, where goes the tendency to stay and go after, whatever it is I knew you don't bother, we're in the same flight but our destination is  bound to head differently. It's all a part of what I'm after but I know you'll choke and go coughing laughter.

It's going to finish what do I do after this? Please baby please, I don't need your compensating kiss
Your like an angel fallen from the bliss, take a second to breath what I would miss.

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