Wednesday, September 01, 2010


It's a pleasure to talk about your lies

Listen to the crowd this place I’m standing
It’s so loud and I’m here presenting
I’m MC Will representing, no hating
No food or drinks or onion rings
I’m suffocating

This life is like a sick mind of lies 
Where people keep silent with his lies 
theres no stop between his lines 
I’m sick of those days where brotherhood seems in place 
You never knew when it will end
It’s like a drug got into you, there’s no way to pretend 
You'll end up getting hurt again It's all part of his game.
I’ll say Emcee WillaZz in the house got your mind thinking today
Life’s a catch” what did you freaking say?
U got a problem with me ? Let’s hear it briefleh!
U got an attitude ?Boy I find it funneh
Its like caught in between a friend and a lie
Where goes your dignity

Willazz copyright 

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