Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Linkin Park A Thousand Suns (Purchased), The Album Review

I got the album and I like it.
I support the music you guys are making, people change every five years. Your so called fans need to understand the up and downs of life, as we all walk towards the future, we try new things and inspired by new and old people.

I've sit down and watch the DVD for "Meeting of A Thousand Suns" and towards the end I see fire burning discussion as all musician face, the argument you guys had and now it's all over. Thank God.

You guys love your fans and we all love you too. When you are up there, you'll have to face criticism, it's not easy, even our friends might back out but we must stay true to the band and the commitment you guys had put through, it's not wasted, people need to accept new things and new style.

You must know how many people you've inspired throughout the years... 10 freaking years! It's the process that counts. No matter where you guys heading with your band. I'll be inspired with your music, I have to admit there are times when I feel disappointed with the album, but as i kept listening to it. I like it! Honestly, it's like i'm going through the process of the album making with you guys and understanding what you guys put us through with your music. I can go much in details with all the songs you  guys had made, but no, I'm sharing my thoughts on the newest album.

So let's get it on with the photo I took in my car.

Sneak Peak of the poster that i got as freebies

I got the imported version which comes with a DVD ( Meeting of a Thousand Suns which is the Documentary)

Look at the shiny hologram, I really like this version

this is what i see when I flip open the album


The lyrics and tons of beautiful art inside

A close up

The back cover.. I love the hologram, seriously

The LP sticker I got free when I purchase the album, I straight away stick in my car, It's awesome.

The poster,
end. Thank you for viewing

That rounds up my update for this post. 

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