Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Everyone is busy with their life, where's mine?

Am I a bad friend? why do I feel like I'm one? Maybe I don't appreciate you as my friend that I got this kind of feeling today.

I want to be a better friend, couldn't I?

I want you to know that, I'm willing to share my secrets with you if you would just listen to them.

I'm easy, is that hard for you?

I'm different and so are you, but why are we so much in common?

I might not be your buddy to share thoughts with, but I think of you absolutely whenever I can think of.

I might be busy but I'm only waiting for your reply.

A reply might not lead you to have interest in me, but I hope it would made an impact.

Impression of me might not be good, but could you show me yours? maybe I will impress you in another way around.

Let's be friend, A really close one who I can share my loneliness with.

Who I can hold, feel and comfort.

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