Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Girl, You need to know

People we met, people we talk to, they all come and go. No one stay close to you all the time even if you choose to let them be. All the long hour waiting for a reply,hope you get a respond or whatsoever, wasted your time waiting. You might think what have you done in return to all the cold answers you get. Do not expect too much, give and take, you might be more happier the way it is. 

They just want to avoid you, you know it, you sense that, you know all about it, not replying or answering, or words that directly shuts you down ( tells you to stop whatever your doing now), replies that do not ask why (because they do not really care), all the short replies. These are all to be afraid of, especially the long reply which directly tells you that, I AM BUSY (Being Under Satan's Yolk). Busy, a word use by those just to get rid of you, you know about it, there's no question about it too.

BUT when you SEE/SAW them in the mall, the streets, restaurant, hot spots, clubs, all the places you describe, THEY AREN'T Exactly busy, they can still go to club, hanging out with their friends, wearing nicely and you thought about the earlier message which you THOUGHT that she is probably TOO OCCUPIED with WORK or whatever the reason, you've been wrong. Everyone who does not face this means there's no particular interest in the person. If you do, you like the person and you know that person is important.
You see, you care when nobody cares about you, who ignores you, who does not want you around when he/she is chilling with buddies (only when they need you will they contact you, tool)
If you knew your being used as a tool, stop being one. But you like being used don't cha? >)

Let me get to my point, When you see them outside They can wave to you, smile at you, ask you why your here,They can just talk to you like BUDDIES!!!!!  LIKE EVERYTHING IS NORMAL.of course you two are friends and NORMAL would totally fit, I guess you were close too BUT your just one of the many friends he/she have.
 For you, as someone who haven't seen the light, there is none. You know your heart has been hurt so badly, that you just want to excuse yourself from the scene. You just want to get out of there, ignore the person, Do not want to see the person. Some may tear for such a friend. You know what sucks next? The friend can even call you, text you in the club to say, you walked passed me or what not replies you can get from like nothing has happen. Loads of things run through your mind. You've calmed down. your heart is too soft. You do the necessary, you text back, to even end up in cold brutal reject.

Worst comes to worst, they see you as their siblings, the brotherhood relationships. Your're F*CKED. End up getting "What the F*ck is wrong with you wei?!"
You heard of it loads of time, you wanted to say something back, I love you.

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Emmy said...

Sometimes people changes and they feel that they no longer possess the same interests or share the same values as yours. So they move on with their life valuing the kind of friendship they want while occasionally saying Hi to you.

Some might having their hard time and want to be alone until they are ready to face you.

Or simply they do not wish to be your friends anymore.