Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Hope, My view.

This note is about hope. I'm not going to talk trust here, only hope.
Yes your mind is thinking now, in order to have hope in someone or something to happen, you place trust in someone or something for hope to realise. 
Though, hope does not have a two-way communication flow, It could either be good or bad, good as in it goes your way for your own good which will eventually turn into trust, by then only there is We. 
In the stages of hope, there is only You in it. The bad would be dissapointing and somewhat heartbreaking. Two-way communication can lead to an understanding. I won't talk about that for now, I will elaborate what hope can turn into, it's very wide and require a lot of understanding of a person. 
Yes you need a person or bunch of person in order to work, even if it is a thing you hope for, eventually there is someone to help you get it. By now you would think that hope is a gamble, but it is much more complex than that, gambling could lead you with uncertain result and you will always desire it to win and by the point of losing you lost yourself in indulgence of gambling and addicted in the circle outcome of gambling. 
Hope is a beautiful thing that even the situation doesn't go the way it hope, the opposite result will lead the person hoping, will forgive himself and other party involve. The person hoping will be grateful if the hope eventually fall in place, the reason why I use eventually is that there are trials and tribulation going on and battle against what you are hoping during the period when you hope.
Things might get rough, eventually (again) some would let go of hope. If you are able to endure the process, the outcome might not be entirely exactly like what you have expected, but it will be more beautiful and more better then the original hope that you have asked for.


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