Sunday, December 09, 2007

Post Of the Day

Leg..... :shifty:

Guess what, earliest of my post i mention about how lonesome is it during my July's repeating again, few of my friends ask me weather if I'm going to earn extra bucks or on holiday, I told them what i always say (i don't know). Well i guess it's going to be just another December for me, with an empty mind not knowing what to come, it's just going to be another day like always..

Woke up around 3-4pm. forgotten the time, pretty blurred, got up(to bathroom) and went to my PC/Laptop...was TOMA TOMA-ing again.It was a very good song which got me crazy for a bit or even awhile while having my lunch.( I did brushed my teeth and washed my face before eating).Wondering and asked myself. Is tomorrow going to be the exactly like today again?My mind was saying "NO!" but how could I argue if it do happen. There's nothing much to do around here. Unless i planned something earlier even before I was having my exam, but thanks to "You just figured that out!" it's a bit too late. Of course i can plan something like,now? Let's leave that to my last minute-er mood change and irreverent and unbalance state of mind decision.

I'm bored bored and bored, but lets say i got so much free time now, I wanna learn some stuff. Stuff to absorb and practice on. GUITAR!!!!!!!!!ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIMME A GUITAR!!!!!
hmm, GET ANOTHER GUITAR FOR CHRISTMAS?can somebody give a guitar as a gift for me or donating it to WillaZz's Donation BOX?
I promise I'll take good care of it or just lend me. It's just for the month of Jolly.. :)

Well lets give it a little change around here, Wil is going to mention some of the things Wil wanna do during this December, with some visual to get in the mood, probably Christmas celebration?
owh yes guys Christmas.. lets see what I have in mind.
I guess so.. should I say stay tune for my next post?

It's still early before Christmas tho, What's your idea of Christmas?
mine would be seeing people running around and honking their car hons and spraying foam(so called SNOW) and causes people to fall... And Having A Great Laughs what about yours?


.•°Rªlph°•. said...

it's just another holiday to me lol

.•°Rªlph°•. said...

it's just another holiday to me lol

Dexxie Rocks said...

omg.. xmas ar...

my xmas will be in the kitchen with my head full of order list and working like mad ppl till i drop... *sob

Annabel said...

Happy Christmas!!
Not so happy for me... I have no family here to celebrate with. *sigh* Still, I wish you all the fin in the world. Plan something fun la! get your buddies together and go someplace cool

WillaZz said...

Ralph: of course its just another holiday, but what is Christmas means to you and what will you be doing?:D

Dexxie: owh.. after u finish working rite.. come find us! we going to have alot of fun fun fun.. no booze... ahahah.

Annabel:THank you so much, but you have ur husband ma.. its all you need wei... we will have alot of fun, hope you will have fun as well ya... but penang theres no place cool le... all already been to ade.. ahaha

Pippo said...

christmas~~~~~~~~~~ we eat turkey and open presents!!!!! lots and lots of chocolates~!~ and oh, i must remind myself to put my sock on my window. so santa dont forget about me. hahaah ~

Nicholas Chan said...

xmas nothing special. I prefer chinese new year.

WillaZz said...

Pippo: your reply macam so fairy tale... i wish i have such nice fest every christmas la.. LOL.. envy you leh.. ahahah

nicholas: CNY... i dun like... cuz gambling.. i dun gamble wan.. :D ehehhe

JJzai said...

Merry Christmas TO U!!!!!!