Saturday, December 29, 2007


*Beware!before continue reading,another personal(emo) post.. you wouldn't understand a word..haha*

For long he have waited, silently through the night patiently, waiting for the wind to blow.
For him making his hand fan for wind, it lasted until the hand stops.

The Cell.
It was build square, no window but a queen size bed for two. The blue moon mark on the blanket were comfy. There is a door, it was locked. He has the key.

Very quiet. For he did not use the bed, the floor seems much cooler unlike the bed which is warm. Waiting silently for the door to open, he did send a couple of message out from the door. No reply. No answer. He was helpless to wait for the call. Should he just open the door and walked out? Or just wait, like what his doing now?

The moment he made the wind angry, he was living in a box. The moment in there made him realize how important it was. It was really important, because the wind has frozen his heart and took it away.

What should he do?
Chase after the wind or his own heart? waiting for the wind to return? what is it?
should the heart gone missing is the mistake of his, he is making it seems like its his own fault. Indeed it is.

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