Sunday, May 18, 2008

The little things.

As time goes by, I thought your Just a dream that goes by every end of the night
This feeling is not empty but eventually blend into some aroma we once favor but never know what exactly needed to taste better, like the 1st time your making coffee for "two".
As time goes by, your cup of coffee changes into something better if not for a time being till you capture what I mean.
Notice how I relate your cup of coffee into "ice blended coffee" which ever you favor now but the main ingredient still is..... well i guess you know :D

"You didn't mention about ice blended coffee, why out of no where you say that? it makes me confused!"
1st, you got to know the difference in making a normal cup of coffee and ice blended coffee, learn this two field, its entirely different cause I say so, if you ever blend one the right way, you'll know.

DO you really want to make coffee that taste just like coffee coffee? or coffee which feels like whole?
Whats the difference?a smile after 1st sip and just coffee after 1st sip. Can you hold to that smile long enough to appreciate it? I know I do, but is everyone the same? some people walks by small little appreciation which comes from the heart and some notice big favor, which is as close as dream that suppose to let it be what it is.

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WillaZz said...

the whole entire post are not related to Starbucks Coffee at any point, perhaps just the 1st picture.:D