Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mean Machine 2008

innocent looking expression.. kinda have interest in her, because of large portion of tattoo is found at her back.. seriously her back is full with tattoo... my first impression is WHO she knows? she's young and dangerous, don't come near me.. but tho... after all that i look into her eyes.. i knew that she's different in the sense of politeness and humble face espression she shown, really want to get to know her ne way.. if u wondering I have her full back picture taken.. i would say yes.. but it got destroyed as it was in my previous lappy as the hard disk got problem..Yes... secretly took wan haha..

smileeeeeee... interesting enough! thats the sweet part of her.. awhhhhh.. lovely smile.. :)
I look like morsin!
please stop taking picture of me!!!

Get ur minds blowing for unbelievable exotic cars display for ur camera to be use...
The team that i've join (team imperials) is promoting TI club.

If your a waja owner and wanna learn more about your car, be sure to join Team Imperials, it's a really cool club to be in if ur a car enthusiast

Today is the last day, but I'll be there! do give me a call if u happen to c me.. haha


κ ε г Я Ў ° ç said...

deng boy!
Are those girls your friends? Mind if i asked... Are they m/f..I meant the pic with 2 ppl...*laughs* offense!! =P

WillaZz said...

haha! i get what u mean but no.. they are real girls lai la hahaha!

Calvyn said...

sakit perut kut?