Thursday, November 27, 2008

Linkin Park - Given Up Single

Linkin Park is a rap rock band established since year 2000. They consist of 6 man in a band, Chester, Mike, Phoenix, Brad, Mr. Hahn and Rob. Each of them contribute different sound to their music and create a very admirable ambient to it. What is so special about this band is the Disc Jockey found in their rap rock group, Mr. Hahn found a place in their music. Furthermore, the multi-talented Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn are both from art college. Both of them uses their talent in their album cover many times. It is a lot of fun studying each of them when I finally settle down with the picture I show above.

Unlike other album cover I have found under Linkin Park, this picture shows Chester screaming into the mic with quite an aggressive facial expression. It really brings out the
passion of “Given Up”
(a track in Linkin Park’s single album, Given Up)

The album cover looks like it has been stained and bended over and kept for quite a long period of time before it turns out the way it is. It brings out old school kind of feeling when first rock is introduced in 1950’s. The font on upper right are a collage from various types of font overwriting each other. If you’ve notice, there is scotch tape effect in the middle it certainly gives you an impression that this album has been ripped, scratched and wet. Under this visual effect used by the artist it really appeals to people on how they actually do it because people tend to be curious over something unimaginable in a short period of time. Why I choose this image is because it give me a feeling to not give up on what I have already given up to hear. People around us tends to give us encouragement if only humans are as durable and lasting like this piece of work.

Close up of Chester’s face is use in this picture to focus on his facial expression. The color used is sepia. If I were given chance to study this image, I will probably guessed that the effects brought up with multiple layer of overlaying methods. The band name and album name on the right hand side resembles a token tear to redeem free gifts.

The tattoos on Chester’s wrist serve as additional effects as well it gives more visual towards the image and what Chester have done to his wrist. Sometimes images that are raw does not need to be bombard with much visual effect in it because it might turn out to unbelievable or too fake for the eyes. It is always good to maintain certain aspect of a picture to be unedited. To maintain the rawness to send the message through an image.

Overall this picture is very much aggressive and grungy. It portrays a certain element to certain audience who appreciates art and the making of it.

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Anonymous said...

what kind of wristband is he wearing?

WillaZz said...

A leather one I suppose xD