Friday, May 16, 2008


Have you "drown" in an relationship so badly that you can't get out from it and wish you could just die?
Let me share with you some good news, don't be! Be grateful how you got in and never got out...
Yes, keep drowning guys and girls because, love is eternal, I know you refuse to believe me but for what good it did or what bad it brings, your one step closer to an even closer relationship. You asking why I said that? It's because you did bribe your way out by lying to yourself how you feel and pain of losing who knows, maybe future wife/husband. By learning more what most people don't, congratulations! DO you remember this first time you accidentally spill something about you that YOU don't want the person to know?

"Shit, now she/he knows my weakness, what am I ganna do?"

By now, you know it would be awkward to even see her/him, but do you know what has just happen? Honest truth! give it some time, explain and she/he will eventually understand and glad that you didn't hide from her/him.

"Don't you wish you just don't know the person at first place?"
Now hold your horses, hardly what the opposite person ever does, you probably going to found out sooner or later, now danger it might seem to be, but i rather bet on a person i know so well than to a perfect stranger who acts nice.


Actually I wanted to say, whatever happens I wish things would change around, I don't want to live in despair and anxiety by sleeping in the car alone and problems in my heart. sigh

Done!case close, i know its vague, try hit me with some question